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Are you tired of your dog digging under your fence, creating unsightly ditches and even weakening its sturdiness? Have you had to worry about your dog escaping or have you even had to chase after him a few times? Worry no more. With hardifence, you’ll never again have to worry about the safety of your pet or your fence. That’s because hardifence is installed partially buried into the ground to thwart even the most determined diggers.

Simply Fencing are your professional hardifence suppliers in Perth. Their fencing not only looks great, but also meets all of the current industry standards and regulations as determined by Australian law, so you know you’re getting the best quality and legitimate service. They are also your friendly hardifence installers in Perth, complementing each product with a simple and hassle-free installation. Their quick turnarounds and mobile service ensure that your new hardifence in Perth is up in no time.

What Hardifence Does

Hardifence is a secure and attractive fencing option. It is installed partially buried in the ground, so it is firmly anchored and sturdy. Because of its unique installation process, hardifence is ideal for sandy terrains or those with a similar type soil that easily shifts and doesn’t provide great anchorage for other types of fencing. It is also ideal for slopes or uneven land where it is difficult to install typical fencing evenly without leaving unattractive gaps and spaces underneath. Because hardifence goes into the ground, it can achieve a more even finish that fits your property better. But hardifence is versatile and looks great, and can be used on flat surfaces as well.

Hardifence in Perth is made up of a series of fibre cement sheets. Each sheet has an overlap on one side and a small corrugation in the other. This design allows each of the sheets to click into each other, providing a simple set up and installation process while also ensuring a seamless fit that leaves no gaps between pieces. The fence is topped off by with capping and can come in a variety of colours as the sheets are pre-painted before installation. Or you can opt to keep the sheets raw, obtaining a more weathered and rugged look. No matter your preference, hardifence can be easily customised to complement your style and space.

Let Simply Fencing Be Your Hardifence Installers in Perth and Hardifence Suppliers in Perth

A great fence is nothing without a great installation. Simply Fencing are not only your friendly and professional hardifence suppliers in Perth, but they are also your hardifence installers in Perth. They provide you with quick and convenient service that always stays flexible so they can accommodate your schedule. And with their fast turnarounds, you can leave for work in the morning and come home in the evening to enjoy your brand new hardifence. They even guarantee a 12-month warranty for each fence to attest to the quality of their products and services. So why are you waiting? Turn to Simply Fencing to provide and install your hardifence in Perth.