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For a Reliable Fence and Retaining Wall in Perth, Simply Fencing’s Professional Service is the Way to Go

By far, the easiest way to reshape your property’s outdoor areas and create a stunning new visual is with a retaining wall. Of course, there are plenty of other times when you’ll need retaining structures as well. For example, holding back a large amount of earth to provide a raised area or to match a difference in height between two areas, or even creating a sloped path. You may even choose to put in a retaining wall with a fence on top so your Perth home can have additional privacy. It’s crucial to ensure, however, that these features can deal with the stress of holding back so much soil.

For a service that provides excellent options for both a retaining wall and a fence in Perth, choose Simply Fencing. We have experience with providing solutions to our clients in a variety of different scenarios, and we can create a rock solid retaining wall that will not only do its job well but look excellent at the same time. Topping it with a fence is easy, too. Take a moment to consider all of the choices you have when using Simply Fencing’s affordable and professional service on your property.

Define your space with a fence and retaining wall in Perth

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make, based on your particular application, is whether to use concrete or timber. Simply Fencing is capable of providing both. Concrete panels feature steel reinforcements, making them ideal for larger retaining walls and areas where many different panel lengths may be needed. Treated pine timber offers another option which, while being similarly sturdy, is often more cost-effective.

All posts regardless of type are sunk deep into the ground and fitted with concrete footing to ensure the wall is rock solid. At that point, putting a fence on top of your retaining wall in Perth is easy. A timber fence is one option, providing a seamless look for your fencing. Steel such as Colorbond is also an option. This enables you to fence in your backyard while still creating the unique layout using retaining walls that you imagined. Simply Fencing’s quality products and valuable skills with installation make completing the task a simple matter.

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Every job is unique, and at Simply Fencing we take the appropriate level of care with planning and execution for every client. Not only that, but we make sure to extend a 12-month warranty on our workmanship; that way, you know you can count on us to come back and ensure the job was done right. Our attention to detail doesn’t result in delays, however, as we consistently maintain a very reasonable turnaround time on each job. No matter the extent of the fence and retaining wall you need in Perth, Simply Fencing is ready to take on the job. Call now on 0437 411 626 to begin the free quotation process with a member of our team.