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When You Need Installation of Colorbond Fencing with Plinths, Let Simply Fencing Be your Contractors in Perth

When it comes to versatility and durability over time, there is simply nothing quite like Colorbond fencing. After all, there’s a reason why it is one of the most widely used types of fencing in Perth and indeed around Australia. From the wide variety of colours it comes in to its durable industry standard steel construction, Colorbond fencing is the ideal solution for all kinds of residential and commercial fencing needs. No matter where you require installation, Simply Fencing provides a superior all around service. When you need to enclose an area for safety, security, or privacy, this sturdy product is the way to go.

Not every installation job is the same. At Simply Fencing, we understand this and take care when considering the best way to approach each new job. For example, when faced with properties occupying two different heights, it’s important to build in a way that is stable without placing undue strain on the fencing. In this case, we use Colorbond fencing plinths around Perth to create a fence that accounts for this height difference while still looking seamless and pleasing. There are many other options you can consider as well. When might you want to choose this specific type of fencing, though?

The advantage to Colorbond fencing

Choosing fencing and plinths that can stand up to Australia’s punishing environmental conditions is crucial from the perspective of both cost and convenience. This steel sheeting resists the corrosive effects of rust over time and maintains its good looking colour throughout its lifespan. Ideal for situations when fencing of a normal height is the best fit for the job, Simply Fencing can undertake Colorbond fencing installation in Perth up to a height of 2.4 metres. Smaller fences down to 800mm are available as well. We can even create fences which follow the slope of your property by using plinths.

It’s easy for our contractors to add to the aesthetics of your new fencing as we complete it, too. We can modify all Colorbond fencing with additional fence-top latticework or a breezeway. Not only does this add elegance to your fence, but it improves the overall look of your property. All the while these features add some additional height for privacy. Overall, the finished product yields a visually pleasing scene.

Simply Fencing is ready to take your call now

It should be plain to see that Colorbond fencing is not only adaptable for many settings, but an excellent long term solution as well. No one wants to deal with the trouble of replacing fencing every few years as it wears down. Opting instead for the solid steel construction coupled with the reliable, experienced Colorbond fencing contractors for Perth at Simply Fencing saves you time and money in the long run. Let us know about your needs today; we pride ourselves on fast turnarounds because we know that no one needs a delay in putting up new fencing with plinths. Navigate to our contact page, or request a free quote using our web form.