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After Installing a New Pool, Choose an Experienced Provider for Aluminium Fence Installation in Perth

A pool is often one of the most desirable features people look for when searching for a home. Sometimes, though, the right property appears at the right price even without a pool. If you’ve recently finished the addition of a pool to your property, now is the best time to consider installing an aluminium fence at your Perth home. Not only is it likely that regional regulations require you to have a fence around your pool, but having one just makes good sense, too. It’s all too easy for young children and even pets to fall into a pool without the ability to get back out. Keeping a sturdy and gated fence provides safety and peace of mind.

One can’t simply use any material, though. A pool fence must be able to withstand constant exposure to Australia’s unique conditions and elements over time, while also being in proximity to treated pool water. That’s why choosing an aluminium pool fence for your Perth residence is the smart choice: the material is hardy and durable, resistant to rust, and perfect for long-term use. When you decide it’s time for a fence around your pool, contact Simply Fencing for a quick and professional installation service.

Why choose Simply Fencing for your aluminium pool fence in Perth?

Putting a fence around your pool isn’t just about increasing safety and meeting regulations. Although that’s the primary purpose, it’s important to maintain the good looks of your pool in spite of the installation of a fence. With that in mind, Simply Fencing offers a choice of four different styles of powder coated tubular aluminium fencing, including a very classic picket style fence. In other words, it’s easy to keep your pool looking beautiful while also making it safe.

With Simply Fencing, you can take full advantage of our experience when you need an aluminium fence in Perth. We take pains to do solid work on every job, and we guarantee our work for 12 months from completion. With our fully trained crew working on the installation, we can erect your fence in no time at all. You can come home, unlock your new pool gate, and go for a swim as if it was always there! That kind of easy but solid result is a hallmark of what Simply Fencing does.

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Providing aluminium fence installation to Perth since 2012, Simply Fencing makes the task of putting fencing around your new pool a breeze. Not only will you receive timely service and a trustworthy product, but we install all fencing to comply with current Australian standards as well. Combined with our competitive rates, everything you need is right here. Simply Fencing is happy to provide quotes for fence installation free of charge as well; simply contact us today to discuss the size of your pool area and the extent of your fencing needs. To learn more or request your quote, please call us on 0437 411 626 today.